The CSPC annual magazine’s second issue released today!

The magazine contains 3 featured pieces:

The Honorable Navdeep Bains – Mobilizing science in the fight against COVID-19
Steven N. Liss – Sustaining and Enhancing Canada’s Future through Global Collaborations and Partnerships
David Suzuki – Science and Society – Personal Lessons Learned

As well as many more articles by our authors:

Richard Florizone • Geneivève Tanguay • Steven Rayan • Phil De Luna •David A. Wolfe • Gervan Fearon • Kimberly Girling • Eric Kennedy • William Colgazier • Sara Wilshaw • Sara Wolfe and Marissa Hill • Alejandro Adem, Ted Hewitt, Roseann O’Reily Runte, and Michael Strong • Peter Phillips and David Castle • Sir Peter Gluckman • Andrew Ruttinger • Emily De Sousa • Fatou Sarr

We’d like to thank our authors for contributing their time and ideas to this magazine, as well as the editorial committee volunteers that made it’s assembly possible.

Picture depicts both Canadian Science Policy Magazine covers