CSPC is dedicated to ensuring a safe and productive meeting environment that encourages open dialogue, the exchange of ideas, and equal opportunities for all participants, free from harassment and discrimination. Participants are expected to treat each other with respect and consideration and to alert staff of any dangerous situations or individuals in distress. CSPC maintains a zero-tolerance policy for any form of harassment.

The CSPC Annual Conference provides a platform for discussing and debating different viewpoints in an orderly, respectful, and fair manner. These policies apply to all attendees, speakers, exhibitors, staff, contractors, volunteers, and guests at the Annual Meeting and related events.

If an individual experiences or witnesses harassment or misconduct, please contact CSPC staff at the conference at the registration desk.

Abstracts and synopses of material presented at the CSPC Conference represent the individual views of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of CSPC, its Board of Directors, officers, or the institutions with which the authors are affiliated. The presentation of ideas, products, or publications at the CSPC Conference, or their mention in subsequent news reports, does not imply endorsement by CSPC.